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As more homeowners are looking to make use of wood burning stoves, it is a great way to become eco-friendly and reduce the monthly energy costs at the same time. You can find wood in a variety of places. While you can purchase wood and have it delivered to your home, there are others ways to get a hold of it – free!

So, where do you get wood for free? Depending on where you live, you can find a ton of opportunities to get wood. In this guide, we have narrowed down the most common options.

Here are 4 places to find free wood for your stove.

Search the Woodland Areas

Walk through the woodland areas and pick up fallen branches. There are plenty of fallen pieces in various sizes all year round. You can find fallen branches from oak tea, birch teas, and more. Oak is a great option as this hardwood is known for long burning.

Local Tree Trimmers

You can contact your local tree trimmer and ask if you can take a few branches off their hands. They often keep the hardwoods to resell, however, they are usually happy to get rid of softwoods such as pine.

Timber Manufacturers

People who sell timber or make wooden furniture are often left with unwanted and unusable pieces. Usually, these pieces are dumped in the garbage or taken away from disposal. You can call and ask the local manufacturers if they have any skips that they want to get rid of and pick it up.

Recycling Centers

Most wood pallets can be found at the local dump or recycling center. You can contact the local recycling center and ask if they have any wood that will go to waste. Most will even find the time to drop it off to you just to make room for more space.

Where do you find wood for your stove? Comment below and let us know!