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Thinking a wood burning stove should be the last thing on your mind during the summer? Guess again as we believe that summer is actually the best time to use a wood burning stove. Don’t believe us?

Here are 5 reasons why you need a wood burning stove.

Wood Burning Stoves are Cost Effective

Having a log burner installed in your home is one of the most cost effective items you can have. This is especially true when you plan to purchase one during the summer season since it is considered as the low season. You may even find great deals at 50% of than the original price.

Summer Isn’t Always Warmer

Depending on where you live, the summer season isn’t always sunny or warm. During the mornings when it is the chilliest, you can fire up your burner and keep the space warm and comfortable. A wood burning stove will come in handy when you want to spend time around the fire and cozy up with your loved ones.

Cheapest Season to Make Home Improvements

During the summer season, it is a great time to make home improvements and everything else that you would like to be sorted before the cold winter arrives. Now’s the time to get the wood burner you’ve been eyeing as well as remodel any parts of the home that need it the most. While you can prepare for work in advance, you will also save money.

Avoid the Christmas Rush

As the winter holiday is the highest season of stove purchases and installation, it is also the time when most companies are fully booking until the end of December. Be sure to plan ahead with your wood burning stove and avoid the inevitable winter season rush.

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As more homeowners are looking to make use of wood burning stoves, it is a great way to become eco-friendly and reduce the monthly energy costs at the same time. You can find wood in a variety of places. While you can purchase wood and have it delivered to your home, there are others ways to get a hold of it – free!

So, where do you get wood for free? Depending on where you live, you can find a ton of opportunities to get wood. In this guide, we have narrowed down the most common options.

Here are 4 places to find free wood for your stove.

Search the Woodland Areas

Walk through the woodland areas and pick up fallen branches. There are plenty of fallen pieces in various sizes all year round. You can find fallen branches from oak tea, birch teas, and more. Oak is a great option as this hardwood is known for long burning.

Local Tree Trimmers

You can contact your local tree trimmer and ask if you can take a few branches off their hands. They often keep the hardwoods to resell, however, they are usually happy to get rid of softwoods such as pine.

Timber Manufacturers

People who sell timber or make wooden furniture are often left with unwanted and unusable pieces. Usually, these pieces are dumped in the garbage or taken away from disposal. You can call and ask the local manufacturers if they have any skips that they want to get rid of and pick it up.

Recycling Centers

Most wood pallets can be found at the local dump or recycling center. You can contact the local recycling center and ask if they have any wood that will go to waste. Most will even find the time to drop it off to you just to make room for more space.

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With a number of manufacturers, looking to design high-end wood burning ovens now is the time to take advantage of the heat without high costs of the electricity bills. While wood burning stoves may be an old method to heat, it is now gaining popularity once more with new technologies transforming this age-old method to modern heating appliances.

Here are 5 things you should know before you buy a wood burning stove.

Cost of Purchase

As the price of a wood burning stove ranges between $500 -$3,500 per unit, this will depend on the style, type and overall purpose of the stove. Be sure to consider what you need in a stove before you make your decision.

You Will Need Space for Storage

If you will be burning logs, then you will have to ensure you have enough space to place the dry logs around the home. Ideally, you will need about 4 meters of space to make enough room to store wood.

Consider the Areas that Require Heat

If you want to purchase a standard-sized stove for one room, then you can choose a cheaper version that is made from metal. These are usually a compact design that provides enough central heating to warm up the room. If you are looking for more space, then look for an integrating stove that comes with a central heating system. This will provide hot water and heat in an efficient matter.

Check for Town Regulations

You will need to check with the town or region that you live in if you are allowed to have certain levels of smoke. Be sure to get familiar with the smoke and fire regulations within your area before you make the purchase.

Type of Fuel

While you may have a wood burning stove, you will still need to choose between burning solid wood logs, wood chips, or pellets.

Wood Burning Stove Infographic

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